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                              1986 - 2016


S-Tek, Specialists in LCD Display Technologies, OLED Modules and Magnetics

S-Tek products are used in applications ranging from delicate medical equipment to rugged outdoor applications. We have numerous varieties of our displays in stock for protos, and we stock many common parts in volume.
Give us a call, we can help you with marketing, engineering, and purchasing support. We can provide short design cycles, ease of product use, product quality and  availability at the lowest possible costs.
Character Displays - S-Tek   Graphic Displays - S-Tek   Color Displays - S-Tek
Character Displays Graphic Displays Color Displays
Low Power Character Displays, Character PLED’s ,Segmented Modules... Character and Graphic Standards, COG, COF, TAB, "Custom LCD
Glass", "Touch Panel's"
TFTs, Low Power, COF, Touch Screens, Wide Temps....
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PLED Displays - S-Tek OLED Displays - S-Tek Glass Displays - S-Tek
PLED Displays OLED Displays Glass Displays
One Color PLED Displays
Area Color OLED and PLED Displays, Full Color OLED...
Full Color OLED Displays
One Color OLED Displays
Area Color OLED Displays
Standard Segmented Panels Alpha-numeric, Chip On Board Segment Displays, Custom Ultra Wide etc.
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Backlights - S-Tek   Heater & Touch Screens - S-Tek Engineering Services - S-Tek
Backlights Heater & Touch Screens Engineering Services
LED Arrays
Low Power Side Lights
S-Tek Displays
LCD Heaters
Touch Screens
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